Platform Brief

Here is a short video demonstrating the features and usage of the Ylytic platform.

  1. Discover Tailored Influencers:

    • Search by location, interests, engagement rate, and platform to find influencers aligned with your brand.

  2. Detailed Audience Insights:

    • Gain deep insights into demographics, interests, and sentiment analysis for each influencer's audience.

  3. Real-time Campaign Monitoring:

    • Track reach, engagement, clicks, and more in real-time to optimize strategies and ensure impactful partnerships.

  4. Custom Tracking for Deeper Insights:

    • Create branded tracking links to understand audience behavior and enhance outreach strategies.

  5. White-label for Seamless Integration:

    • Customize and integrate Ylytic into your workflow, creating a branded experience for enhanced audience connection.

Ylytic empowers data-driven influencer marketing decisions, ensuring impactful partnerships and real results.

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