About Ylytic Features and Pricing

What does 1 credit get you for third party creators?  

Which platforms does Ylytic support?  

We currently are integrated with Instagram and YouTube. Upcoming integrations include Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Spotify, Discord, WhatsApp and Telegram.

What happens when a creator connects their social accounts?  

When a creator connects their social accounts through Ylytic, they give Ylytic permission to access specific read-only data from their profiles and provide it to our client businesses for purposes that benefit both the creator and the business. These permissions are specific to the businesses and their needs and creators can completely control who gets what permission and withdraw consent when they choose. Creator data is not used for any other purpose or by anyone else except these.

Where do I need to be located to use Ylytic?  

You can be located anywhere in the world to use our products. We are entirely digital and accept payments in most currencies.

How can I delete my account?  

We are very sorry to see you go. Don't hesitate to contact us at help@ylytic.com to request the deletion of your account or tell us about any difficult experiences you’ve had using our products.

Can I share my account with my colleagues?  

You can have multiple seats with a plan as we have liberal policies for teams using our product. Just write to us at help@ylytic.com to request additional logins as we don’t recommend sharing passwords.

How many posts can I add to a campaign?  

There's no restriction on the number of posts to a campaign in a paid subscription; however, in a free trial, you can add up to 10 posts. Refer to our Pricing Plans for more details or write to us at help@ylytic.com

How many campaigns can I track?  

This number varies depending on your plan. Refer to our Pricing Plans for more details or write to us at help@ylytic.com

Will my credit be deducted for adding invalid handles?  

No, we don't deduct any credits in case of the addition of invalid handles.

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