Shopify Sales Tracking

Use Shopify Sales Tracking to monitor the performance of your influencer campaigns. Provide influencers with unique URLs / affiliate links. Ylytic can track these to monitor clicks, conversions, and overall sales generated from specific influencers. This approach ensures precise tracking and allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of each influencer​.

Key Benefits

1. Seamless Integration:

Integrate Ylytic effortlessly with your Shopify store, streamlining the process for tracking and analysis.

2. Conversion Tracking:

Effortlessly track conversions to gain valuable insights into the performance of your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

3. ROI Calculation:

Calculate the real Return on Investment, enabling data-driven decisions for optimizing and enhancing future campaigns.

4. Effortless Optimization:

Utilize the data provided to optimize your campaigns effortlessly, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.


  1. Shopify Store Configuration:

This is a one-time activity. The Shopify store owner (brand) needs to create a private app with ‘read_orders’ permission in the Shopify portal create an API key and share to ylytic to fetch sales.

  • Settings → App and sales channel → Develop App → Create an app

  • Name the app say - “private app” or anything of your choice

  • Go to configurations -> and permit read_orders permissions

  • Go to API credentials create the API key and share it with Ylytic (watch the reference video here)

  1. Create a short link:

User to create a short link through Ylytic API. User to share target URL which contains a reference(utm_source) to the creator. Also, it needs to send a reference to the Shopify store.

  1. Send a reference of a short link to the campaign:

User to send a reference of the short link generated above so that the short link can be referenced to the campaign post.

  1. Get short link insights in campaign insights:

Metrics are to be made available along with campaign insights. The campaign will have aggregated link clicks and sales done in that campaign. Also, it will have post-level clicks and sales conversion.

  1. Shortlink Insights:

Shortlink insights can also be viewed without linking to the campaign. It will have clicks, location demographics, device distribution, and sales converted.

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