Creator Insights

Ylytic, a premier analytics platform, provides graded insights into creators, evaluating vital metrics on a scale of 0 to 100. Users gain a comprehensive analysis for informed assessments of influencer authenticity and effectiveness.

Ylytic's creator insights unveil audience demographics, including top gender, age group, and city-wise percentages. This data empowers users to refine strategies for more targeted and effective influencer collaborations.

Ylytic's creator insights unveil details such as a detailed analysis of overall engagement, post or video engagement, short video analysis, and paid post analysis.

Ylytic's creator insights also provide details about the posting activity of a particular creator and highlight the most trending posts from that creator.

Ylytic reveals audience interests, performs sentiment analysis on comments, and identifies look-alike creators. These insights provide users with a robust toolkit for strategic influencer marketing decisions, aligning campaigns with their target audience.

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