About Ylytic

What does Ylytic do?

Ylytic helps creator businesses maximize ROI using SaaS tools to access all types of creator data and insights across platforms.

Which products does Ylytic offer?

Ylytic offers the following:

  1. APIs for 1st and 3rd Party Creator Data - Profile, Reach, Engagement, Audience, Income, Comments, Sentiment

  2. Creator Onboarding for First-Party Data - Custom Microsite, Embeddable buttons

  3. Dashboard for Accessing and filtering Creator Data and Insights in bulk (1st and 3rd Party)

  4. Live Campaign tracking tool (Using Post URL)

  5. Discover New Creators (Module Coming Soon)

Who can use these products and for what?

Businesses working with creators and influencers can use these products to maximize their RoI from creators by improving decisions with data and insights for their clients or products. Creators can also track who has access to their data and manage these permissions. They can also track growth metrics and insights to improve their following and engagement using our app. Our creator offerings will be enhanced in the future.

Does Ylytic offer a Free Trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial with a limit on usage depending on the product and the organization’s needs.

Does Ylytic provide API integration?

Where is Ylytic based?

Our headquarters is in Pune, India with a team based in multiple locations currently in India and Spain.

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